What the hell is that smell?

Yup, another late night, or early morning depending on how you think about it.
I was over at a friend‘s place giving
him a hand with some code I wrote, and teaching him the zen of CVS. There was no bowing involved though,
sadly πŸ™‚

I’ve spend the last few hours with photographs and memories. It started with me
watching Kindergarten Cop and
doing some more scanning of baby pictures. About halfway through I decided it
was getting a bit tedious and boring, and that scanning some more modern
pictures would be more interesting for a bit. Anyway, I grabbed a bunch of
unlabled, unsorted pictures, and started going through them in preparation to
scan and present the best of them.

All I can say is wow, talk about memories! Things I hadn’t thought of
for years, and people I haven’t seen for longer suddenly jumped up at me. This
is why people take pictures I guess πŸ˜‰ In the process of trying to figure out
when they were taken, and who they were, I managed to employ my nifty online
journal (that’d be this thing) and an even older journal that tracks
some really scary thoughts and feelings and events back to
1992! One of the lines in there was “Grade 12, Finally!”.
Shit, that’s 10 years…. (Aside: shouldn’t there be a reunion or
something coming up soon then?). Wow, that’s a long time. Lots of interesting
things as I went through the really old journal
as well. Anyway, a lot of detective work was used to figure out things, and
most dates and people were figured out.

I have started playing around with assembling a photo album. Must be something
you do when you get older πŸ™‚ The start is here for those
interested, don’t be afraid to comment (esp if there’s a “who the hell is this”
in the description), or if you’d prefer, wait till the unveiling (not that
there’ll be much difference between then and now, except the homepage will change a bit to move pictures from the arctercam page
to a gallery page. By the way, the software is from gallery.sourceforge.net, and works well.

Of course, being me, I wanted to just get one or two going before I
went to bed…. grrr…. almost done now.