I’m much sexier in person

Another good run this morning…. I think I’ll take tomorrow off, or maybe just
go for a long walk (if it’s sunny, a good excuse to get some sun as well).
Spent some time cleaning this evening as well, in anticipation of Firefly
heading home tomorrow… wee, so fun to clean the bathroom. I hear through the
grapevine that the prospects sound good for the Edmonton job. Not sure what
that means of course, but good is better than bad. I also got an email from
someone looking for game programmers, who has contacts on both coasts. Sounded
like a job recruiter…. sent over a resume anyway. Any friends who are looking
for work, throw me an email and I’ll pass on his address.

In response to Dana‘s talk about how
he is confused about how come everyone else is hot, well, the surrounding of
trees, as well as the fact that you have a nice basement (being on the ground
floor of an apartment is not the same as a basement for those
interested). I totally envy being able to escape inside on the really hot days,
without the need for multiple fans set up. Oh well, one of these days I’ll have
a house and be able to laugh at the people who are basement-deprived.

Oh, sounds like Yohimbe got some of the hellish code untangled and/or debugged
into existance today, good job!

Oh #2, I updated my online resume today. It’s a
conversion from ick word, so it’s huge and full of
shitty html (and whatever else they put in there), but I haven’t had a chance to
convert it back to something sane yet.

Oh #3, scoobyD’s story aboot
milkshakes is just disturbing, and I will probably never ever have one again!

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