Loyalty is not always visible

Came home today from a fairly un-productive (for me anyway) day of stuff. A bit
after I got back in Zoon was at the front door talking up a storm. Her tail was
all puffed out and her attention was up at the top of the door. At first I
thought something was going on in the hall, but it turns out it was a bug. She
got up on my shoulder, still talking, and tried to catch the thing. It was one
of the strangest feelings, as this tiny little furball with minimul claws,
basically dancing on my shoulder/back trying to get a good swat/bite at the poor
random bug that somehow had the misfortune of getting into the house. She’s
still actually at it, chattering away and trying to get from high to low, from
the tops of chairs down to the ground and back up again…. it’s quite amusing.

Forgot to mention some bumper stickers I saw while up in Squamish last week.
They were on the back of a van from Oregon. They were funny, but damn if I can
remember what they were now that I decide to note them down. Bah.