Sometimes you see some strange things

Well, just finished about 40 minutes on the phone with Mark. Seemed like a
decent guy, a coder at heart anyway, which was cool. He didn’t balk at the
three object oriented funtime words, “polymorphism”, “inheritance”, and
“encapulation”. The interview went really well I thought, though they want
a C++ person though, so I should have hyped that a bit more.
Time to hit my C++ book and refresh my brain on how the whole thing
works togeather. Hopefully I’ll get a call back and maybe get flown for an
interview in person.

Anyway, send me lots of good karma and whatnot k? <crossed fingers>


So I have a phone interview today. I’ve got some tea brewing to make sure I
don’t fall asleep on them, as I took the K Killer Run this morning, in my
self-abusing way. It was…. unfun, though probably more so because I did a 45
minute run at the gym last night. Felt good afterward though!

One thing I forgot to mention yesturday was while walking back from the
interview I happened upon a couple, and their dog, which was wearing sunglasses.
Wonder if the dog was blind or just was owned by strange people. Maybe simply a
stylin’ pooch!

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