Turning the “allow popups” to off has improved my life and outlook on life… it will

It’s amazing what the sun can do to you. This afternoon was spent the same as
yesterday afternoon, mostly anyway. I packed myself a lunch, grabbed a couple
of books, my camera, and headed to sit in the sun and veg. Yesterday it was
Mill Lake, today it was Cultas. After Cultas I headed over to Dana‘s and we chatted about life, the
universe, and wikis.
He pointed me to a way to make money while still on EI though creating a home
business, like say, a consulting company, which would then allow one to make
money while still on EI, and eventually do things like, write off part of the
utilities, rent, etc. Best thing is (apparently) you don’t have to pay any
money to the gov’t until you make over $32k a year, and (and I have no
confirmation of this) you could probably make just under that through the
company, and do the rest as yourself (IE: have jobs pay you personally instead
of the company). Best thing, I already have a cool company name in Arcterex Heavy Industries. Have to get more info on this though.
The whole point of this program is that people on EI can get a company started
and growing, while still getting assistance. Cool stuff, now to find out more

It’s damn hot here, which is an energy sapper for sure. They said about 32
(CND) in Abbotsford today when I was doing my run at the gym this morning. I’ve
also been waking up early from the heat, around 7:30 this morning, which is
disturbing to be sure. Of course, it also allows me to actually start
the day at a decent hour, not stay in bed till 11 or noon like normal (though I
wouldn’t mind, but I just don’t have the ability to go back to sleep after
getting up and turning the fan in the bedroom window on).

Oh, sad news… the last of the fish died πŸ™ He died sometime yesturday I
think. Didn’t happen too long after being put in his new (old) fishbowl either,
though I hope that wasn’t part of it. He didn’t seem all that energetic the
last few days, so perhaps his time had come. This one has been with me
since…. Christmas? Or maybe just after. A long time as far as fish I’ve had
go anyway. He’ll be buried in the appropriate manner (flushhhhh)
this evening. I’ll probably get another one though, but I’ll probably wait for
the heat to die down, so the poor little buggers don’t boil. Speaking of
boiling, it’s dinnertime, though I won’t be having seafood!