Most of today was spent working on the project from hell. A greatly
amusing rant on why .net sucks, how it’s stupid, and
what people should do with it was made by Yohimbe. I still haven’t
found two people who can completely agree on just what .net
really is. Anyway, lots of work, with Brad doing most of the looking, as he is
the one who seems to have the most percentage of clue for this stuff. I did a
lot of looking, and listening to cries of “what the hell did he do here… oh, I
see… argh! why did he do that!” In the end was pizza, and some work
was accomplished.

Tomorrow I am off to the gym for my early morning run, and then to a
self employment seminar/information session at the Mission community futures. I
think that that is the place where you find out if you can make money while on
EI. Now I just need to get my business plan going. Wish Openoffice would work
nicely for me… it seems to like to get to the point of showing the main
window, then crashing. Bah, bah bah. Of course, now that I type that and run
it under a debugger, it works. Slow as hell, but not crashing.

After I get back from the self employment thing I’m going to start researching
the heck out of the company I’ll be interviewing with on Thursday, and the
technologies that they use (or the best I can figure anyway). I really don’t
want to get flown out there and then make an ass of myself ya know?

One of the smarter things I’ve done lately is pick myself up a little two
console KVM switchbox. This allows me to run two computers off of one set of
Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. Meaning I gain back the lost deskspace from my
second box, use my nice big monitor and not my spare 15″, and have my nice
keyboard and mouse when using either box. Especially seeing as working with
Visual Studio .NET pretty much
requires > 1024×768 resolution.

Oh, and the gentoo thing, it does seem like
there is some improvement in speed. Not huge, but noticable in some cases,
which is cool. The only thing they are really suffering from (IMHO) is an
ebuild of an XFT enabled mozilla. So
I’ve been bombarding one of their developers with links to patches, hoping that
they’ll appease me 🙂