Attack of the Crazy Cat Men

So while I’m waiting for WhtDragon to arrive to go over to Yohimbe’s to work on
this VB project from hell (which I’m told, was eventually “fixed” by saying
“screw the vb” and writing it in Perl), I take the garbage out. On the way out
I hear cat yowls, and find, not to much surprise, a kitten up a tree.

Just to give a bit of history here, I first met this kitten ( <1 year old,
black and white, cute little black spot on the nose) a few days ago, while
vegging out in the sun, up a similar tree. After I determined where the noises
were coming from, which took some doing, as I thought at first they were coming
from the kids across the street, I located (via triangulation I might add) a
kitten up a tree. I managed to lure it low enough that I could get a paw on
the scruff of it’s neck, and pulled it down to safety. We hung out for a bit,
and the kitten was very friendly, and relatively well fed. We rolled around on
the grass a bit, and chased leaves togeather. The kitten was very at home with
people and very happy to chase bugs, attack grass, or leap upon random nothings
that suited it’s fancy. A while later she went up the same tree again, and I
went back inside. I checked a bit later up the tree but didn’t see anything,
and assumed that the cat had found it’s way out and home. Later that night the
same yowling was to be heard, and there I went again, sticking my head up the
tree and trying to get the stupid cat to get down. Eventually it did and this
time I told it to only play in trees it knows for sure that it can get

So this morning, same kitten, different tree. I’m about this -< >- (not
to scale) close to just bringing the thing inside. I have no idea if it’s a
runaway, abandoned, or just has a wide range of area that it plays in. Like I
said, it’s friendly, and comfortable with people (let me pick it up the first
time I met it), so it’s not a street cat (or at least, an abused street cat…
it could still be one of those street cats that loves people cause that’s where
it gets its food and water). Right now all three of mine are lying by the patio
door like a triplet of bookends staring outside at this kitten who is curled up
in an empty litter container (one of those square plastic ones) that was left
outside for mom to use as a planter. I put food and water out, but I have no
idea where this tail will end.