Sympathy for the devil

Ah, the promised (and much overhyped) rant on prices is as follows. While at
the airport waiting to go to Edmonton last week I was hungry. It was 6:00am and
I hadn’t eaten yet, and had just spent an hour on the road. In short: “me need
food.” I was through the gate and past the (closed) legit places to eat, and
all I had left was the little vendor right there in front of me, amidst the
WestJet gates. I picked up the following:

  • A 5 finch bun with meat and lettuce
  • A minute-made orange juice
  • A mars bar (yea yea yea, I know, but I needed that early morning sugar

Grand total? Over $12.00!!! I believe that the bun
was $5.50, and the mars bar was over $2.00. I guess that’s just YVR‘s way of saying “please bend over and spread

Been working on the project for UserFriendly lately. The last two days have
been the only time I’ve had to completely dedicate myself to it with everything
else going on. A meeting with the self-employment dude (hopefully I didn’t
shoot myself in the foot by registring myself for business already… if so I
can plead ignorance), and various other things. Still no word from Edmonton,
but I hear through Tig to “hold tight.” Apparently things are in the hands of
HR, and I know of at least one reference check that has gone out (lie for me
lie! lie!).

Oh yea… someone on the news (CNN anyway) said that there were some rumblings
that Dubya’s plan to make CEO and CFOs personally responsible for the numbers
that they report is, (wait for it)… not a real solution but
just polictical handwaving
. My god, they should be shot for such
un-american speach… next thing you know people will be able to say that the wonderful president looks like a
! But those people will be sent to the Ministry Of Truth to be
brainwashed, so don’t worry about it.

A very ballsy female senator from from somewhere is apparently claiming that the
September 11th attacks were orchistrated by Bush! I have no idea how you could
get away with saying something like that. I have no evidence to back this up of
course, only that I saw it on TV yesturday morning.

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