“Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t”

Yup, I’m still here, and alive and well. Circumstances have me alone tonight
and vegging down. I watched Takedown on DIVX a bit ago, did
some work to get some things set up and fixed up on various systems, played with
ntop a bit and drank lots of water.
So now I have a bit of time to go over some stuff that I haven’t had the chance
or inclination to over the last while.

First, the job

I did get a job offer from Edmonton, and no, I did not take it. There seemed to
be a heck of a lot of talk and blog activity about this over the last while, but
sadly, I don’t have a lot to say. I went through a lot of roughness,
with all sorts of people lending support, lending anti-support, and saying
nothing, all with their hearts in the right place. This had me going from one
side (“lets go!”) to another (“lets stay!”) approximately once an
hour/minute/second for a week, leading to a lovely physical and emotional
breakdown Monday morning. Oh yes, lots of fun, and something that I hope not
to have to repeat.

That being said, it was my decision to make and I made it. I went over
everything a hundred times, and then everything again another hundred times (see
aformentioned mental explosion). Again, I appreciate everyone’s help, but in
the end, I gotta make my own decision, stupid or not. Of course, I’ve done some
pretty stupid things in the past, but I plan to continue doing that well into my
90’s (when my focus will change to becoming a burden to my children and
grandchildren). Oh, and to the people involved in various little cryptic blog
wars, ignore for a second that I was doing the same thing not long ago, and talk
to each other like sane people please, I’ve had enough of trying to deal with
being a sounding board for one set of peoples bitches about another, and vice
versa lately thankyouverymuch.

Ok, enough about that. So much for a quick little note as to not aggrivate
things any more šŸ™‚ Like I said, bad decisions… Course, being greeted at the
gym by people I know but not real well with “I’m not going to lecture you about
not going to edmonton, but I’m dissapointed,” certainly doesn’t “help”.

Ok, I’m done now, back to real life.

The old half naked man in the sun

A while back, mid summer like, I was riding up the windy steep road from the
railroad tracks to the college and I passed
by an older, portly man, standing in the middle of the grass beside the road,
reading a newspaper, naked to the waist. That was one of the stranger things
I’ve seen (next to the couple with the dog with sunglasses downtown).

The Self Employment program

In real life what I want to do is get on the self employment
put on by Community
. Basically what happens is you submit a reasonable (but not
complete) business plan and enough market research to convince a panel that your
idea for a business wasn’t made up by a crack monkey, and they put you on the
program. While on it, you still get your EI, but don’t have to claim anything
you make to them (so you aren’t penalized if you make money), and aren’t obliged
to search for work anymore. You also get access to councilers and advisors to
help you do pretty much anything you need to. It’s very cool. To help with
this, I’ll be moving upstairs to Iambe and Engel’s old apartment, which is a two
bedroom, which will give me drum roll an office!

And there was much rejoicing.

Because of the way they are making the moving and rent, I only have to pay the
cost of rent in my place for next month, even though halfway through the month
I’ll be moving into a bigger (and slightly more expensive) place. Hmm… seems
that my home size goes up, but the size of the bathrooms in the places that I
move into keeps getting smaller….


The game Battlefield
is awsome. I heartily recommend it to any FPS, driving, or
flying game fan. Short description is that it’s a first person shooter, in (go
figure) 1942, where you get to jump into pretty much any vehicle, be it a plane
(pilot or gunner), jeep, tank, half track, boat, carrier, gun emplacement, etc.
Very cool. Oh, and silv, the massive online multiplayer star wars game
you want is “space and beyond” according to Dave. I’ll forward a link when I
get one.

Bed Time

It’s a running morning, so I’m heading off now. Night!