Need…. more…. cats…..

Forgot a heading yesturday…. “Freaky People at the Gym”. You know how there
are some people that you just can’t help but stare at? There are two at the gym
now. The first is this guy who is absolutely massive, freakily so.
Something that I definately don’t want. He looks like one of those drawings of
bodybuilders, with exagerated proportions. His body is about as wide as it is
tall, and his thighs are just fscking massive! They are each
about the size of my chest, and I’m sure that he could crack cocanuts between
them. Arms, neck, hair, all massively huge. I’m quite sure he gives his hair
follicles a daily work out as well. Most people at the gym you can tell are
pumped up and strong because they are in gym strip, but this guy would be hard
pressed to look ‘normal’ in street clothes, just because of his body size.
I’m sure he’s a nice guy (seems to be from my observations of him anyway), but
his look is just freaky-huge.

Second freaky person is the anorexic stair-master chick. I swear, she’s
opposite from huge dude in every way. The poor thing resembles a stick figure,
and I’ve only seen her on the stair master, stairing away. Her arms are like
sticks, she has no boobs, and while her body fat is at 0.0000000001%, there’s no
muscle in their either…. quite sad really. I had to stop myself from forcing
a cheeseburger down her throat while screaming in my best Italian Mother voice,
Mangi , Mangi!