I need a siesta senior!

Today has been a slacker, tired day so far. Started the day by not running (as
I did the last two days in a row), but rather facing the dreaded task of
shopping. It went well, with me yawning all the time. I have been
getting sleep lately. Just had a big mug of tea, so that should help a bit.
Been working with Jay to get the new userfriendly system up and going with all
sorts of nifty things ported over, and neat code done. Now that that is 99%
done I can start to work on the next contract.

Been doing the market research for the self employment program as well. In the
process I’ve found at least two people who are quite seriously wanting me to do
work for them… go me. Meeting with a dude from a local business next week to
talk about some interesting stuff that they are doing. I have five or six
surveys done now, need a few more I’m sure, so I’m going through the google directory for Abbotsford to find
businesses around here that’ll suit my needs. Lots of fun… yea…. easy to
procrastinate on as well (see, I’m doing it now).

What else… oh yea, congrats to Silv
for his run, I know from experience how hard it is to get off your ass and do
it, especially the first time. Actually no, it sucks all the time… as K says,
“no one runs for fun.” Speaking of which, this afternoon/eve is time for the
gym for me. Weeeee…. Oh, and I hope that scoobyD‘s ankle is better now, or at least,
not worse.

Played around with SSL certificates and I actually mostly understand them now!
I even got two sites going with their own certs (SSL can’t work on name based
virtual hosts, only IP based ones, which sucks, but oh well).

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