One Year.

My Resolutions for September 11, 2002

  • I will not turn on the television all day, unless it is to watch
    something specific and amusing.
  • I will refuse to participate in watching the endless looping of the
    horrible images that have been gracing our television screens for the past days. I will
    never forget what I saw one year ago, or what I felt, and I don’t need CNN,
    ABC, NBC, and the lot of media gluts to remind me of it.
  • I will love my fellow man, regardless.
  • I will not hate.
  • I will say a silent prayer to all those lost, all those left behind, and
    all those affected in one way or another.
  • I will love.
  • I will respect sites that are not running banner ads today, such as OSDN. It’s not much, but it’s something.
  • I will run in the morning.
  • I will never forget.
  • I will never be the same.