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Wh00p! got the new place’s lease all signed and stuff, so we can now
officially move in. I think Firefly will be doing some stuff tonight, and some
things will move up tomorrow (including cable, phone and internet), and the rest
goes up on Saturday. Everything is shocking white and relatively clean…. and
man is it big! Course, with everything from the closets put back in the middle
of the living room, things here seem a lot tighter than normal.

Until the internet is moved over officially, I figure this site could be down
friday to sunday (depending on the competance of those in charge of installing
things, and my competance in getting my server(s) all put back together
properly), so if you’re needing to contact me, or wondering where this site
went, now you know. If you are looking to get a hold of me and it’s urgent, you
know my cell number (and if you don’t, chances are you don’t know me well enough
to call me 🙂

The mod_perl stuff is coming slowly along. I’m getting quite stressed actually,
as the deadline of next week is approaching, and I have at least one day lost
due to moving, possibly more. I think I can get most things to work as they
should, in the given time, but some of the stuff, such as file and image
uploading is being a PITA. Apparently you have different form submissions or
something… it’s all icky. Basically I’m ignoring images and files until I get
the rest of it all going, or at least the content engine part. Bah, this sucks.
I should have charged more. Course, having not been paid from my first contract
(yet) and having no money in the bank doesn’t help either. At least the Self
Employment program at community futures is all submitted, and I have all the
forms filled out and handed in, so they anticipate I’ll be on it by next week
(<fingers crossed>).

Dinner time, and a break to watch “Third Watch” on A&E.

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