Radio from the cable?

Well, we’re in, amazingly enough. The DNS records should update soon enough
that people will be able to hit this page again (all three of you). I don’t
know how long I’ll stay here (on this IP that is) as with being forced off the
“old” telus network I’m stuck with a
bandwidth cap, and my 1.5mbit really sucks compared to the 3mbit that Yohimbe is
getting on cable, for about the same price. I’ll have to ask someone in this
building with cable to test the speed for me though, as it might be different

Anyway, starting around 9am we started schlepping stuff up here, and we seemed
to be done aroune 3pm or so. It couldn’t have been done without help though, so
huge thanks go out to (in no order) my mom and dad, firefly’s mom and dad, brad,
cat5, yohimbe, derf and derfwife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for
your help, be it lugging horribly heavy and awkward couches, making food, or
putting kitchen cabinets πŸ™‚

So now we’re all in. Have to get used to going up the stairs to come in, and
everything is different (guess that’s the definition of a new place though πŸ™‚
I’ll have to relearn that in the bathroom to turn the light switch on
you flick the switch up, and not down (the old place has the wires
crossed). The office is mostly done, computers are set up anyway, so that I can
do work. I have all sorts of storage space as well now, so I can organize,
categorize, and all that other fun stuff… until it gets used anyway. The
living room is set up, with the stereo, dvd, tv, etc set up nicely by cat5.

The rest of the house however….. utter chaos. Currently I’m eating toast with
jam off of a cutting board. Know why? Because I have no idea where the peanut
butter is, and for a stack of plates, small plates, and bowls being rather
large, they seem to have dissapeared. I need to go shopping as well soon, as
having no food kinda sucks. I do have some popodoms though! Nice spicey ones

Ah, the joy of moving…