p>Ever come into a conversation halfway through, and just not want to know? The
following was heard being said from one front desk girl to another as I exited
the gym this morning:

“… that’s a lot of licking…

Some things you really don’t want to know, ya know? In other news,
I got an email back from the tetley tea folks.

From: “TetleyConsumerServices” <TetleyConsumerServices@Tetley-Group.com>

Subject: RE: Message from General Inquiries.

Dear Alan:

Thank you for taking the time to contact our Company. Unfortunately, we
do not anticipate on offering a ‘duvet’ as a future collectible.
However, we do thank you for your time and effort.


Kathy [censored to protect the innocent]

Tetley Canada Inc.

Consumer Services

Oh well, guess I’ll have to go with plan b then.

On a side note, I discovered the secret to not stopping during a run this
morning. A few things are involved.

  • The Eagles on tape or CD
  • A treadmill directly in between two television sets, so attention an be
    taken over a wider range, and therefor less attention paid to the clock
  • No clock within immediate view

Go me, 45 min all in one shot.