Nothing says love like a drooling cat

Busy couple of days. I’ve been working my ass off on some funky mod_perl stuff, and loving it. Got a bunch of
stuff over to my folks for their garage sale on saturday, old computer games,
random toys that have been gathering dust, etc. Of course, we came back with a
few things as well, but that’s the way things go I guess.

Hmm… there has to be a statute of limitations for old code somewhere. In the
last few days I’ve been chewed out (nicely) and answered questions on code that
was written some time ago, for a company that doesn’t exist anymore! I don’t
mind so much, but I wonder if in a couple of years people will still ask me
about these things, and I’ll have to try to remember exactly how things worked

Finally got a relatively real date for moving out. Next Saturday, September
14th will be an extravaganza moving day, featuring beer and munchies (oh, and
some moving as well). Anyone whose around and can help let me know. I figure sometime saturday
morning, not to early, not to late… post 8-9ish. Lots of moving drawers full
of stuff, and stacks of dishes, as well as a few heavier items. Just to add
more fun to it, there’s no elevator, just some cramped stairs (this will be fun
especially for the bookcases πŸ™‚ Having said that, I wonder if anyone will show
up now!

The thing that sucks of course, is that a) there’ll be no phone or net here
friday (that’s the day they get moved up) and b) something else that I
completely forgot. Guess I am getting senile!