Piss off #1,242,854: People who have souped up sports cars, but drive like little ol

A big shout out to my dad, whose birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday dad,
lots of love from your son.

Been slowly making the house livable. Tonight it was a fit to get the last two
laundry loads of shirts onto hangers, deal with the nine thousand ties I have
(ask me the last time I wore a tie, go on, I dare you!) that were smooshed on
the floor under the ten thousand shirts I have (all but two of these are trade
show shirts I might add…. how else does a geek get clothing?)

The office (pics posted as soon as they are taken and developed) is
slowly forming. Currently there are many empty boxes on the floor, and
a huge bag of garbage, filled with everything from papers, reciepts ranging from
1995 to 1998ish, a box of 5 1/4″ disks, and some hardware (yes, I actually
threw away hardware…. but then again, how many 386 and 486
boards does someone need (same goes for the ties I guess)). This is a big
improvement over the big bag of garbage surrounded by full boxes.

The cable modem install went well a couple of days ago as well, and all the
nameservers should be synced up now with things, and this site should be back on
the map for all. Cable of course, only has one drop in the living room, and
where the computers are is about as far away as you can get, so a cable is run
out behind the air-conditioner, along the wall, and in through the window.

When the cable install-dude came it was amusing, especially the way he said “so
what computer am I setting up for you?” and my response was pretty much “you’re
not.” I told him that all I wanted from him was the end of a cat5 network
cable, and I’d deal with the rest. I could have told him I was using a merilus firecard as a firewall, but alas, I
didn’t want to blow up his brain. Speaking of which, kudos to Silv and LIMOS
for the work they’ve done on the new software, I’ve played around and it’s
pretty funky, especially the SNMP stuff đŸ™‚

Sadly, the cable modem connection went out a couple of days after it was put in.
I called up and the tech support bob who answered the phone told me that if the
“connect” light was on on the modem, it meant there was something wrong on the
computer, and what operating system was I running please sir? “It’s on a
firewall, but pretend it’s on windows.” “What operating system sir?” “Just
pretend it’s windows, and go through the steps.” “I’m sorry sir, I can’t
troubleshoot a firewall.” At this point I got exasperated and told him “OK,
I’ve switched the cable over to a windows system, go ahead and fix it now.” At
this point he decided that maybe he should actually check the modem itself, and
failed. He came back telling me that even though the green connect light was on
and steady, he couldn’t contact the modem, so maybe there was something
wrong. “Gosh, ya think?” thought I to myself. Just then he was just informed
there was an accident in my area and techs had been dispatched as some areas
were still out. This was a long way from “if the connect light is on the modem
is working perfectly sir,” but I let him get away with it. I simply went into
town to do whatever it was that I had to do, and when I came back, it was indeed

Just a note as to the reason for the subject of this entry being what it is….
I was coming through town the other day and saw a very nice Corvette
with a big ass blower sticking through the hood, and some random
guy driving it. I figured that this was obviously a penis-compensation car, and
expected squealing tired when the light changed. The minivan beat him
off the line!
Not that he was racing of course, cause if he was I’m
sure he could have blown that soccer mom away… it was just a bit shocking is all.

I really wanted to finish the sentence above with some funny analogy, but the
only one I could think of was “… like someone paying you for sex.”
but that just seemed so wrong to say, so I won’t let anyone else know that such
rude thoughts entered my mind.

So what comes tomorrow? More cleaning, and I’m finally at a state that I can
organize my business papers, receipts, set up quickbooks, etc etc.