A man, some spam, a plan…. Iran

It started out as a discussion of the spam that was hitting the gentoo-dev list,
and I was told about bogofilter, a Bayesian spam
filter that use word count stats and analysis to filter spam. Up until now
I’ve been using spam assassin and it’s
been working pretty well. I just purged my spam folder of 310 messages since
August 30, so you do the math as to the volume of spam get. Anyway, bogofilter
promises to be better, faster, and more environmentally friendly (oh, and no
false-positives). A lot about the technology behind Bayesian spam filtering can
be here. Anyway, I’ve
installed it on ufies and am going to give it a shot to see how well it works.
From the install instructions, I’m not positive whether the user (that’s me) has
to tell it what is spam and what isn’t, or if it’s all automated. It integrates
nicely with mutt and procmail though, so I’m
not complaining šŸ™‚

Why are you up at such a horrible hour you may ask? Well firefly got some work
working a compactor for a few days, and this means that she has to leave at 6am.
So at 5:30 I was pulled from an odd dream….

I was at cat5’s place, which was again down the hill from my parents house, but the
property that we were on wasn’t one from the hill. Anyway, he had a large dog,
and we were getting ready to go and see a movie (the next Harry Potter one
actually. For some reason cat5 was having problems getting the dog put away,
and had cleaned up his doghouse and had no spare mats to put in (and seemed
quite distressed by this, similar to the way I was distressed yesterday when I
discovered that I had just used the last garbage bag). Anyway, we finally got
going to the movie theatre and the old teacher from the tv show Boston Public, Harvey
, was going with us. We got to the theater and they obviously had
to expand it because of the popularity of the new movie. The seats were un-even
and I remember it felt like we were actually sitting in rows of school desks,
and the movie was playing on a large TV, not a projector.

Lipshultz acted perfectly in character, and had brought along a TV remote (which
I might add, looked a lot like the one I have at home for my TV) and at
one point accidently hit “mute” (nothing was being said on screen so no one
noticed, as it was only for a second). He then started playing with the volume
and balance controls during a quiet part, and then somehow hit a button that
made a horrible wailing alarm go off, which is what woke me up.

So this morning I get to watch the sun come up over the trees that I can see out
the office window, and when that happens I’ll have to close the drapes, as
there’s a few hours in the morning where it comes right into my face. I’ll
probably use that time to organize my books and paperwork though, as now the
office is quasi-clean, that’s the next thing that has to be done.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to waiting for my spam to come in.