Ooooooooooo… blinkenlights…..

First I want to say that my new office looks completely cool when it’s
still dark out and you come in and all you can see are the lights from the
various electronic bits, monitors, hubs, KVM, computers, etc. I have to get a
picture of it one morning.

And yes, I’m up early again. I was going to get up with A at 5:30 when the
alarm went off (she’s off driving big machines again) but I just. couldn’t. do.
it. However, I convinced myself to get up for 6:30ish and hit the gym so I
don’t feel bad about not going. I woke up from a very wierd dream though…

Tig and K were getting married,
over on the island. Not a naked-and-painted-blue wedding either, but a normal,
typical one. A bunch of people, them and K’s folks included were in my house,
except it was my parents house, talking about it. They were getting married
over on the island, and they had sent out details back when Merilus was still
around. The recommended hotel was $900-$1000 a night said K’s Dad, and I didn’t
think that was nearly affordable, and was going to call around to places nearby
to find a cheap-ass little motel 8, or motel 6, or travelodge or something. At
one point there was talk of “Dr. Tim”, and how something bad had
happened. He used to work for us, but was fired, and people seemed to think
that he was making trouble or something. I said that I hadn’t seen him since he
was fired, and that people may be over-reacting. I was also freaking out about
cleaning the house (just like in real life!), and A said something about “all we
have left is this…” and pointed to a pile of something (pictures? books?) in
front of us that were the last things to do.

There was also something about a concert that I was scheduled to go to that I
had planned when I was still working, and didn’t think that it would be sane to
go to with no income (or maybe it was the expensive hotel?). It’s all fuzzy now

Zoon was horribly cute, and bad all at the same time yesterday. She climbed up
on top of the AC unit and lept from there into the hanging plant that
we had just above. She sat there, swinging while sitting on top of this poor
plant looking both pleased with herself and scared at the same time. Eventually
I stuck a shoulder under her and she used it to come down. Hopefully she was
freaked out enough not to try that again 🙂

A’s mom was here yesterday putting up shelves and doing misc things
hardware-wise. Towel hangers and stuff, the sorts of things that we just
haven’t had time to do yet.

The project I’ve been working on is almost at an end. The one site was
just great, and then we moved it to three. Basically they want a,, and, all running off the same backend
technology, and doing almost all the same things, but just not looking the
same. In theory it’s easy for me. Write the code once, then duplicate it twice
more, then sit back and let the designers do the hard work of making things look
good. Of course, things aren’t always perfect, and moving from a single site to
three was a bit of a PITA because of the way I had global variables. Basically
when the webserver started up I created a global $dbh variable that held the
database connection into the table that I was using (along with a couple of
other variables). Well, until apache 2.0
comes out, you can’t do that on a virtualhost based system, so now each module I
have has to use $r->dir_config() on each request to create a new database
connection and create the other site specific globals (in this case the location
of the files to load for display). It’s incurring a bit of a speed penalty, but
it can still saturate a T1, so there shouldn’t be any problem for the end use.
I just want to find a better way of doing it.

I also finally got my filing done. Every receipt, bill, or
moderately interesting piece of paper that I’ve kept in various places has been
sorted and archived in two drawers…. oh, it makes me so happy!