I Just Got The Best Piece of Spam…

Now with ASCII art…. how awesome was it to find this in my inbox just now: From: Stdenny Corning Subject: Nothing can seduce women faster than a… To: Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:01:44 +0000 User-Agent: Thunderbird Message-ID: This is yoour penis: 8–o This is yoour penis on drugs: 8=====O Anny questions? [spammy […]

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New Blog Spam?

Anyone else getting posts from sequencial (sometimes) IPs, to old posts with just a line of text saying “You are invited to check out some helpful info in the field of… Thanks!!!”? No URL to ban, and all nice generic words you can’t ban through blacklist 🙁 A search for the text on Feedster came

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Spammacular Magic

Sometimes spam makes it’s way through my filters (though very rarely since I used training to exhaustion with my BogoFilter setup), and sometimes I read it just to see what the latest tricks are. This morning I was presented with this: “I must speak that I usually do not get soft on the internet, but

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Hating the Spammers

Has anyone ever got a legitimate email from a .biz or .info domain? Ever? In the history since the new TLDs were created? I didn’t think so. In fact, has anyone every gone to a .biz or .info domain on purpose? I’d just drop any email I ever get from any of those domains, but

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Yay, More Email Spam!

Anyone else getting flooded with 418-420k messages with forged from addresses and headers, titles like “test” and “hello”, no text and just a “” attachment consisting of a readme.htm (many spaces) .scr file? Is this the new virus that’s going around or something? Tell me again why we don’t draw and quarter spammers again?

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Some Random Mail Statistics

In not checking my email between sometime yesterday afternoon (or evening) and now (10:30 on Saturday) I discovered the following breakdown of email that wasn’t caught by spam filters and that wasn’t sorted off into individual mailboxes: 44 email bounces (from the TDIClub messageboard, oh lucky me being postmaster and all ) Two notices from

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SPAM Justification

The end of one of the spams that made it through the filters amused me greatly: THIS EMAIL IS NOT SPAM Sign from God is the last Key to Paradise and has to be spread Worldwide,becouse Mankind faces the last Judgement and is threatened to leave the Earth.Sign from God is the Salvation. This didn’t

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Kill the Spammers

Some bastard spammer used a email address to send spam advertising anti-spam software. Now all email to that account is routed to my “mailer-bounces” mailbox, which is 25 megs in size and almost 7000 messages strong. Weee. Ask me why I love commercialism again? Oh right, “progress” :-P~ I also got an email last

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A man, some spam, a plan…. Iran

It started out as a discussion of the spam that was hitting the gentoo-dev list, and I was told about bogofilter, a Bayesian spam filter that use word count stats and analysis to filter spam. Up until now I’ve been using spam assassin and it’s been working pretty well. I just purged my spam folder

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