Kill the Spammers

Some bastard spammer used a email address to send spam advertising anti-spam software. Now all email to that account is routed to my “mailer-bounces” mailbox, which is 25 megs in size and almost 7000 messages strong. Weee. Ask me why I love commercialism again? Oh right, “progress” :-P~

I also got an email last night from someone saying that they recieved spam from an account at my domain, and helpfully included headers. Sadly, even though the first mail server was called, it had a completely different IP address. If anyone wants to track the user down and either beat him within an inch of death (if they are innocent and just left their computer unpatched or infected) or two inches further (if they are a spammer), that would make me very happy.

Could someone please, please lend me a small tactical nuke? Please!