Hating the Spammers

Has anyone ever got a legitimate email from a .biz or .info domain? Ever? In the history since the new TLDs were created? I didn’t think so. In fact, has anyone every gone to a .biz or .info domain on purpose? I’d just drop any email I ever get from any of those domains, but I think the spammers are ahead, as I don’t have that many emails from those domains. My top 10 spam mailbox domains are random .com, .net, juno.com, yahoo.com, .de, and .jp domains.

However, looking at the HTML source for the last 10 spams, they send me to .biz, .com, .biz, .net, .info, an IP from Beijing, .biz (same one again), .biz, .biz and .biz (same one for the third time). Good little spam filter, pats bogofilter on the head

I’ve started a slightly new technique that it took $othercoder at work to point out to me. Instead of using mutts keybindings to mark a message as spam (ESC-d = mark as spam and delete, d = mark as not spam and delete), I’m just moving any spam that are missed into a “missed-spam” mailbox and then I have a cron job that runs

bogofilter -s[mark as spam] -M[multiple messages/mbox mode] < Mail/missed-spam

every hour, and them moves the mail from that mailbox into a “registered-spam” mailbox for later deletion or processing (if you’re an SA user of course you’d use sa-learn).

Before I was relying on being able to use keys that are bound to bogofilter or spamassassin in mutt and couldn’t really say to my spam filter “hey, you missed this one” from some random other mailer. I can’t believe I never saw it. Maybe this can help someone out there 🙂

Hey look, another caught spam. This one is from .ro and points me to….. .biz! What a shock.