Some Random Mail Statistics

In not checking my email between sometime yesterday afternoon (or evening) and now (10:30 on Saturday) I discovered the following breakdown of email that wasn’t caught by spam filters and that wasn’t sorted off into individual mailboxes:

  • 44 email bounces (from the TDIClub messageboard, oh lucky me being postmaster and all )
  • Two notices from Big Brother telling me that my CPU usage on was high (was compiling a new kernel)
  • One message telling me that another complete moron has posted on an old post asking for hotmail passwords
  • 7 spam, breaking down into nigerian scam, diet patch, attract men now, pills, viagra, real estate, and more viagra.
  • 1 possible spam, or perhaps just another idiot, saying he read my article on the big bang (???) and how “it’s the most dumb theory ever”, partly by questioning how it could be a coincidence that everything (planets, stars) is round, and partly by…. well, I really don’t know, it was a bit of gibberish. His spelling of “ca-laps” makes me wonder if he’s really bad at spelling or it’s a spam avoidance technique. Either way it was an amusing email to add to my spam folder.

Along with about a hundred that were put in my spam folder by bogofilter. That was twenty-four hours in the life of my inbox.

4 Comments on “Some Random Mail Statistics”

  1. We get spams claiming to be able to cure Mad Cow disease. Since my girlfriend is a masters candidate in Genetics at George Washington University, you can only imagine the kind of feedback she can come up with on the mere mention of that. It’s like a real programmer watching ‘Hackers’….