“Customer Satisfaction Specialists”… a PC way of saying “receptionist”

So I sit here chewing on my “Bio Protein” bar (21 grams protein!) and relized
that another thing that pisses me off is people who don’t signal they are
turning left until they are actually stopped at the intersection.

Hmmm.. gotta say that the concept of protein bars will catch on much better if
they make them taste like pizza, or perogies, slathered in bacon and onions or

putting Hollywood out of Business
? Within 3 years? Yay!
That’s one less Arnold movie to watch, no more Olsen twins, and if the Gods
favor (flavour?) me, the world will never be cursed with something like CHUD II: Bud the Chud ever again!
Sadly, I doubt this will mean that the networks will be able to kill off Barney,
the Judge [name] shows, or the host of horrible horrible horrible daytime talk
shows that exist.

On a side note, maybe this will transfer over to the music industry, when they
realize that constantly screwing their customers over will eventually bite them
in the ass.