What is she trying to say?

I finally found the “right” sheet on business plans to use (I have about 5
different ones in my “Self Employment Program” file folder). I’ve been working
on my business plan for the SEP for a while now, but I finally got confirmation
on the format that it is needed to be in for when it’s presented to the
committee. So now I can take all the stuff I already have and move it to the
“approved” outline style. While MS
sucks on many levels, their “outline mode” is very handy.
Word’s suckage, by the way, is mostly in their handling of styles, especially
when styles that are there don’t work, aren’t there, or change depending on
where you are. It’s especially annoying when you select a style from the style
drop down and then start typing, only to find that that style isn’t applied.
There’s also a lot of suckage in their .doc->.html conversion, but then
again, there has always been.

What does my kitten mean when she looks up at me and says “mew”? I’m sure she’s
trying to tell me something, and I’m just not getting it. She’ll repeat as
well, little lip smacking “mew”‘s that sound adorable, but I don’t know if she’s
saying “I love you daddy”, “don’t touch me stupid monkey”, “oh yea right there,
scritch me more with the fingernails”, “I’m bored, dance”, “you know, I’m kinda
hungry but I’m too lazy to get out of bed”, or “here’s the solution to all of
the earth’s problems: [blah blah blah]”. I know the japanese have a
dog->human translator, but I haven’t heard about anything like that for cats.