Die PCness Die!

Two very funky dreams last night.

The first one was about me stealing software. Not through newsgroups, or IRC,
or off of websites…. no, was doing it by hand. I went through the process
two or three times, each time doing it a different way. The last time I was in
a wheelchair, zipping in and out of hallways to get a copy of “Blackhawk Down”.
When I finally did get it, I got to a fork in the hallway, where I could either
go out the doors to freedom, or go back through again to play the game one more
time (or see it in action maybe). As I went around to the viewing gallery I
discovered they had put three police officers there to wait for me if I was
stupid enough to come around again. I gave up without a fight, I knew I was
caught. They took me downtown where I had to explain to Barry, the real life chief what I did. I
appologised, and tried to explain that because I was only stealing data, it
wasn’t really stealing.

And then the other one…

This one was even wierder. I got a thick letter from someone, and it bore the
family crest (a canadian flag apparently), but was not from the main family we
have. So I went down the road to the family home, where the council of
Bailwards (or whatever it was) was. It kinda sucked to leave the TV, where a
good movie was on, but as I approached the huge two walled wrought iron gate I
could see they were watching the same movie inside on a huge TV. I got
myself buzzed in and out of the rain and into this old mansion that looked like
something straight out of a horror movie (on the outside anyway). The “family
council” wasn’t really a council at all, I think it was just the main people in
our family at the one house. I told them that a splinter faction of the family
was trying to get control of the family name, and here is the letter they sent.

Of course, I had forgotten the letter itself, and only brought the pile of other
papers that came with the letter (like so much paper spam that you get with your
bills these days). I went out and back down the street to my home to get it.
When I got there dad was there, and I think the mysterious other party trying
for the family name was there as well. We went downstairs and he asked us
to show him the right angle by the downstairs door. He was a fire inspector or
something, and me and dad went downstairs and showed him that we did indeed have
a right angle in the hallway not far from the door. I think then dad asked him
if he was recruiting for his inspection company, and he said he was….