Alan’s advice to you on this day:

When batting a large, pissed off flying creature with a stinger
out of the air, be sure you know where it lands!

Alerted by Zoon’s cries of “there’s a bug! there’s a bug!” (she has a very
distinctive “bug alert” noise she makes… little mews closely spaced, kind
of a “meh! meh! meh!” noise), I happened upon a large, fat, wasp sitting on the
top of our shelves. Not really liking the idea of getting it by smooshing it in
a paper towel (something told me that this one would break right out of it like
Arnold out of a paper bag), I picked up a handy Linux Journal and waited until it was
just right… Then I smacked the little (big (huge)) bugger right out
of the air.

Now I wish I knew where he went. I think it’s somewhere up in the bookshelves,
but I really don’t want to go sticking my fingers up there to see, you know?
Of course, I don’t want it to recover, go through a vicious training regiem, and
come out as super-wasp to take revenge late at night. Maybe I’ll have to move.

Update: He was still alive, hiding on top of a low fat
cookbook, no doubt begining his retraining in the secret art of wasp-jitsu.
However, he was dispatched with nerves of steel and the aid of a paper towel.