This is how I walk my monkies

Corny looks up at me and mews, so I look back at him, and mew back. I
decide that he may be trying to communicate, so I follow him around. We circle
the kitchen, then head back to the living room and head to the cat post, which
he hops onto to receive petting. I ask him “so what are you trying to do?”
Firefly immediately replies “this is how I walk my monkies.” Makes perfect

When Firefly left and Rex looked like he wanted to go out and run down the hall
she said “now we don’t want to do any monkey walking in the hall,” to which my
reply was “no, that’s when they take their monkies for a run!” Well, it was
funny at the time.

Finally got my business plan and financials mostly ready for the Self Employment
Program. It’s not perfect, and probably not something that could get me a
$1,000,000 loan at the bank, but it’s better than what I had before. Now I can
get back to the ASP project, or at least learning about it. I’m still waiting
on a better spec on what needs to be done, but I need lots of time to look
through the data model, play with the tools, and figure out how to do the
equivelant of something like this perl:

$|=1;$_=<<'-- ';s#..#printf"%c",(fork?wait&&$?/256:exit hex($&))#eg;


I donno, VB hackers, can you translate? 🙂

On a serious note, does anyone now of a “VB for Perl programmers” site out
there? Simple syntax things that I just don’t know, like how to end an
If statement, comments, or what’s the equivelant of next() or
continue()? It’s not a very common thing for people to do I guess,
go from Perl to VB.

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