“Dreamin’ with my eyes wide open”

What a bizzare and horrible night. It was one of those nights when you can’t
sleep and everything is conspiring to keep you from having a good night’s sleep.
I met up with NateFlex at the gym last night and we did a shoulder workout, so
that didn’t help. The cats decided they were going to be a constant bother, and
I was plauged with bizzare ass dreams.

This dream involved what would have happened if I had taken the job in Alberta
with Solas. Of course I know it
wouldn’t have been like this, but who knows how my mind works…. Anyway, I
was at a very small desk. It was about as solid as a TV tray but about
half as thin. I didn’t get a monitor, and was doing my coding on a piece of
paper. This seemed to be not the rule, but what I was given, so I was using it.
That was the first day anyway. Me and Solas went to lunch at Subway (right
across the road, very convenient). Cut to day two of the new job. I decide
that I didn’t like coding on paper (duh). My computer looks like an Apple II
and there is a strange flat monitor like thing for the printer on top of the
slanted surface of the desk. The monitor itself looks like it’s underneath, and
there was no place to rest your arms, so I had to hold the keyboard on my lap
while typing. I
don’t remember the details, but there was an ordeal to get the monitor ot the
top of the desk and usable. After work my friend Sean and old schoolmate from
elementry school Lee S. got in a fight and were throwing things at each other
through the door leading out of the office after work.

I think some of this dream came from the watching of Trading
last night when they constructed a very nice desk for someone but
instead of it being a “computer desk” it was used to hide the computer down by
his feet. Then somewhere around 7:30am when I woke up and said “screw it, I’m just
going to get up”, but didn’t, I had another one…

This one was even more wierd. It started out with a friend of mine (no idea
who) having a baby. The baby’s face seemed very big for a newborn, and in fact,
most of the baby seemed to big for a newborn. The doctor was getting crutches
for the kid to walk on. I thought it might be a bit early for that, but didn’t
say anything. When I saw her again the baby had a typical scrunched up and
wrinkly baby-face… almost like the act of being born had streched out her
skin and bones, but after a while they had relaxed back into place.

Fast forward to the ice arena where the police were doing driving training.
While just hanging out at the arena with a lot of other people I noticed that
there were a lot of police cars on the ice. They seemed to be doing things like
driving into the walls and driving and skidding on the ice. Training seems
appropriate. Somehow I got onto the ice and was asked to leave, then somehow I
got on the ice and was chasing and being chased by cops, but on foot, running
around and sliding into them when I could, other times they’d slide into me.

Fast forward to me having my glasses returned some time (years?) later by a cop
who found them outside the arena and telling me that he was just taking them in
to tighten up the arms after he found them on the ground, but then noticed “there
seemed to be tiny bite marks in the plastic.”

I think I need some help with my brain….

Hmm… should go, apparently I’m going to ride a horse named “Clyde” today at
Firefly’s barn.