And the AR breathed a great sigh of relief….

To all that asked, my ride on a horse with a name went well. Clyde was a big
ass Clydesdale whose body size was a bit wrong for his legs. He looked like a
very big, sort of stretched, weiner dog. Anyway, the ride went well, and my
instructor (that’d be Firefly) did well, teaching me not only turning, but the
important parts, the accelerator and brakes. Anyway, my ass is fine, though
last night I did scrape the hell out of my heal on the foot of my chair. I was
going to go for a run this morning but when I woke up at 6:30am I just couldn’t
bear to have my scraped heal rubbing against a sock and shoe for seven and a
half kilometers..

I took some time off today to go and meet with the guys that I was working for.
Met up with J and P at a pizza place in deep Vancouver and had the largest
calzone I’ve ever seen (that was a medium apparently). We gabbed a bit, tried
to figure out the world, and how to make gobs of money without doing any work.

Wierd, openoffice actually seems to be
working now. Wonder what’s up with that?