Blog Month

This is very very
disturbing for some reason.

For those who are bored, and needing more interesting things to look at in their
morning web run, try hitting the movable type webring. I’m
actually thinking of experimenting a bit with MT to maintain this journal. I’ll probably
throw up a /blog URL sometime to play around and see how I like it, as my
journal is quite different than the normal type of stuff that blogs are made of. I’ll see how it goes anyway, might be an
interesting change, and a chance to play around with MT some more.

Oh, I managed to find the image from MRTG the day that got hit by the spider. Ouch
huh? I’m glad I’m not paying for bandwidth 🙂

Been collecting audiobooks lately, I find I can listen to them while working and
have just the right mix of lack-of-distraction and
enough-attention-to-make-it-worth-it. I’ve been re-going through the Dark Tower
series, by Stephen King, though I’ve got a bunch of others in my collection. I
do have to hit pause when I’m going through deep and heavy stuff though.