Happy Halloween!


I was at home with my parents when I got a phone call on my cell phone. It was
someone I had had calls from before, but long ago (deja-vu in a dream?). Her
name started with a “V” and she was with an insurance company investigating a
car crash from 1997 that I was involved with (as a victim). The accused was not
going to say anything in his defense, so it sounded like it was a clear win, or
at least road to a win, for us.

The crash had happened in 1997 when I was on the Canada 125 exchange program in
Ottawa. We had been driving around doing crazy things and someone had tried to
hit us repeatedly with his car, while drunk. It sounded like he caused some
damage too. In my dream I had to really purge up the memories of what had happened
as well. The lady had called and we talked over a bad cell connection for a bit,
while my folks toodled around trying to get things ready to go out to breakfast.
At a couple of points the cell connection died and I didn’t realize it, and sat
on the phone not talking with dead air, just thinking that this lady had stopped
talking for some reason.

I was also trying to get to the local Kinkos (do we even have them up here?)
where I had left some papers that I was supposed to destroy in a photocopier. I
had got them from somewhere, promised to destroy them, and decided that I should
keep them just in case, or at least a copy. So I had laid a bunch of papers and
business cards on a photocopier but completely forgotten about them, and wanted
to drop by there on the way to the IHOP we were going to for breakfast.

Somewhere along the way the lady came by and we talked, and she didn’t seem to
know that much about the crash. She brought a bunch of old pictures, including
ones not related (in fact, none were of this crash), and had a bunch of
newspaper clippings of pictures, comics from the funny pages, and random
articles from various dates. There were some color photos as well, including
one of me and my dad when I was quite young when we got pushed off the road, and
they were testing to see if it was our fault or not (this never happened in real
life of course, but in my memory now as I sit here I can clearly see the photo
the lady showed me in the dream).



There was another, even more strange…

I had found a duck who had walked through oil and wasn’t doing too good. Tig
told me that I had to take it to Alberta to get it fixed up by a vet, and that I
needed a judge to give me a piece of paper to authorize me to do so (or get the
free trip, or something). I was in the hotel room with the duck and my kitten
(Zoon) and they were being “friends” (the duck being a fair amount larger than
the kitten). I had a flight out in the morning but when I woke up it was by the
kitten, and I realized I was late. My plane was scheduled to leave at 8:26am
and it was already 8:32am, so I raced, trying to get dressed and downstairs in
time. I remember thinking that because it was a little domestic flight there
wouldn’t be that whole “get there 2 hours ahead of time” thing to worry about,
and I might be able to make it.

I really hated the fact I’d forgotten a change of clothes, a toothbrush, or
anything like that, but was just concerned with getting myself up and ready, and
get out from the sleep-grogginess that I was in. It seemed to keep getting
later and later as I tried to get dressed and ready. I didn’t want to, but I
had to leave the kitten in the hotel room for the day (it would only take that
long to go to the vet in alberta and come back) and I couldn’t take her on the
plane, only the oil-soaked duck.

This was matched up with me waking up before 6am, considering getting up
before the alarm clock to go to the gym, thinking about how great that
would be and falling back asleep. My thinking (and sleep) was also intermingled
with a wet nosed kitten deciding that at this moment in time my chin was the
greatest place in the world to rub her head and cheeks on, and dammit move over
so I can get onto the bed stupid monkey! She being so cute and everything, what
can one do. I have a feeling that she’s responsible for more than a couple of
my strange dreams at night.

That said, I’ve wasted enough time, off to the gym I go!