Uneasy and out of sorts

Upgraded my Gentoo system to GNOME 2.1. Looks good too, I’ll post a
screenshot soon. The fonts look awsome, and the speed improvements in
Nautilus make it almost usable. The only strangeness is that the terminal app’s
setting for transparent background doesn’t seem to work (it did once, but not
since), and when one alt-tabs the box that appears on the screen to show the
apps you are going through seems to randomly place itself.

Went to Community Futures today to drop off some papers and talked to one of the
folks there about my business plan and cash flow. Had the joy of finding out
that when I was told (by another person there) “oh yea, it’s fine,” was full of
crap, and there are all sorts of (minor) changes to be made. Oh well, such is

More later, Rex has decided that the desire to knead my arm is too strong to
deny, and typing while there are large cat claws digging into my left arm and

<wanders off to scritch a cat between the ears>