More Birthdays

Just a quick happy birthday to Brad! Hope you have a good one dude!

7 Comments on “More Birthdays”

  1. “get your birthday off”?? If you have my luck, you’ll be working on birthday… working the previous day, the previous night, and the morning, then spending the afternoon sleeping in time to go to bed. The sad part is that I can barely remember what necessated working that late…

  2. I have to work on my birthday this year:
    Pro – I’ll be at Whistler
    Con – I’ll be in meetings all day
    Pro – I’m not at the office
    Con – No Snow (or time to ski)
    Con – I’ll only have 28.8k access
    I’d rather just have it off;)

  3. Actually it was just /admin/status, and that was earlier… the time we worked until 5am was when somebody had problems compiling the kernel or bootlogo or something, and recompiling the kernel on a p120 takes tons of extra time….