First of all, a one day belated birthday shout out to kethryvis, who had a birthday yesterday (which I missed, because I suck). Hope you had a great one Keth!

Managed to get some ut in with the boys last night for a bit. It was good to get back into it and do a bit of fragging. We even had enough people at one time for 3on3!

I also got my new box (named naked for now, on account of it’s lack of a case) up and going properly. It’s turned off as I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it. In theory it’ll replace fishbowl as the webserver, but due to some problems with libraires, it’s not as simple as just copying files over. I’ll probably get to it in the next couple of days though.

My web designer people have come through with a bit more work. Just a couple of hours, but still enough to keep me happy 🙂 The clients I did work for originally with the big job I was working on last month decided they wanted an upgrade of features so I have said “sure” (what else does one say). It is relatively interesting as well, giving me a chance to do things that I haven’t done before (not rocket science, but interesting nonetheless).