Don’t Go out on Boxing Day

Was very silly this morning. We though “we’ll just pop down to Wal-Mart and get a couple of things on the way to doing all the other stuff we have to do today”. Nonononononoono. Never go anywhere that could be seen as “shopping” on boxing day. It was ok in the store until the point where we took our three or four small items towards the cash register isle. One look and we pretty much just dropped our stuff there and ran for the exits, with me running as a blocker through the hordes of crazed boxing day shoppers carrying piles of cheap toilet paper TVs and cleaning products. That scared the hell out of me. Canadian Tire was not as bad at the cash registers, but the exchange area (where we were heading) had a line about a mile long and only two people working the desk.

After the failed shopping trip I headed to the co-lo (detailed earlier) and then boogied back to do dinner at the in-laws, which was (yet another) find bird done well with all sorts of goodies around it.

Something’s up with my gums or lips. It started yesterday a bit and felt almost like I hadn’t brushed in too long or something and my gums were getting infected. It still feels that way, but it came on far to quickly (IMHO) for lack of brushing (and I do brush). It got pretty bad and painful today, and there is a lump on my inner lip above my gum which is quite painful. Firefly thinks it’s a cold sore, but I’ve never had one in that particular place before. I’m not sure if I’ll give it another day to go away (with increased brushing and flossing every couple of hours) or not. Depends on how painful it is tomorrow…. if it’s really bad I’ll call my dentist and see if they can see me to tell me if it’s something that is going to go away or needs something or what.

Assuming my server stays up tomorrow, I will be able to actually relax and work! Yay!