Life Update

Before the main event, a quick update in life to keep people up to date.

Firefly threw me a job posting for a programmer in Abbotsford the other day. I went to it, said “that sounds boring”, and then went to the site’s main search and did a search for “programmer” in BC. I ended up looking at a job for a programmer in Abbotsford (same one as was sent originally, go figure), and figured, why not. I updated a couple of minor points on my resume and drafted up a quick and confident (read: arrogant) cover letter. I guess my confidence was up because this morning I got an interview. Yay me.

So tomorrow I will head in there and see what is up. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if they offer me a job. If I can bill it to my company, that’d be great. Telecommuting, even better. If not, there is still the chance of a steady paycheck and the ability to still work in the evenings on various projects. We’ll have to see, but until we are a two income household, a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do eh?

Other than that, one of my minor bids came in last night as well. Probably only a couple of hours work, but if things go well I could end up writing an online reservation system, which would be a heck of a lot of fun I think.

To avoid a horribly early morning to get to the gym for a run tomorrow morning and then to this interview at 9, I hit the gym tonight. Did a half hour on the elliptical trainer (or whatever it is) and then a good upper body workout. I only got about halfway on that though, so I’ll head back tomorrow to finish up my bi’s and tri’s. It was good though, I felt great going in and coming out… I think that I’m over my plateau and ready to start re-sculpting the ArcterBod.