Of TV and Travel On Horseback

Had an impromptu riding lesson today at the barn. Sandy got me up on Clyde again and I learnt all sorts of intersting things, and got to trot (not on my own though). This was an interesting experience, as you basically are trying to keep centered on a large animal while having your butt being bounced out of contact with the saddle in a rhythmic motion. A bit disconcerting at points. Clyde was good though and didn’t send me off onto the dirt, so I would rate that as a huge success.

Yesturday I dropped off a CD for Tig at his in-laws place at his request. Later on that night I get a call asking “so what do I do with this?” My reply of course, was along the lines of “how the heck should I know?” as I had no idea what was going on, only that I was to drop a CD off. Well, turns out there was a spot of computer trouble, and my dear friend and expert at tech support (that’s you Tig 🙂 had wandered off for the weekend. A bit of trouble shooting and an attempt to boot up the computer on a CD that wasn’t burnt to boot and I just got him up with Windows XP. In theory, when I can get a bootable Windows 2000 disk, I can just boot up, hit the “Repair” button, and all is well. In the meantime though, I did what was needed to get him up and going.

Saw a nifty show on The Space Channel called Odyssey 5. The basic idea is this: the crew of the space shuttle is doing a routine satellite deployment when they witness the destruction of the earth (it’s sucked into nothingness) and are left floating out in space. Just before the oxygen runs out, they are taken into a huge alien spaceship where an alien (in human form of course) who identifies himself as “The Seeker”, explains that he’s seen this before, and has been travelling around the universe looking for other life, but everytime he makes it to a planet where there is life, it’s gone, and the planet is destroyed, just like earth. He has the ability to send them back in time though, to see if they can prevent this. The captain agrees, as one of their crew was injured during the “dustification” of the world and is about to die. Physical time travel is impossible of course, but the Seeker can send their essense, their souls or whatever back into the physical bodies at that time period.

The crew is zapped back to their bodies of 5 years past, with the knowledge and memories of the current time. Some of this is amusing, especially the captains son, who is also an astronaut on the mission, who gets zapped back to his end of high school, drinking, getting high, partying, and wearing lots of leather body. They end up getting back together and after discovering that there is a conspiricy or something, head out to try to prevent the end of the world. It’s a neat idea, and I’ll keep watching if I can find out when it’s on. We’ll see if it sucks or not.

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