Sometimes the Windshield, Sometimes the Donut. Mmm… Donut…

Another day gone by. This time I re-implemented (partially) a log in system I wrote for my last project, this time in VBScript. Works pretty much the same, but needs a bit of polishing. I’m waiting to see that this is something that is what is needed before I go and polish too much though.

As Silv will attest, tonight’s Third Watch was a good one… all sorts of morals and ethics and what not tested, and they appear to be letting one of the lead characters, Bosco grow (some) facial hair. I shall shave tomorrow morning in honor of that.

Actually I probably won’t. I have a Community Futures Networking Breakfast to go to at the ABC here in town. The basic gist of it is that local small business owners, and people who are looking to start their own business get together and well, network. I’m printing out a bunch of business cards now, with minor modifications from the first ones. I’m taking into account the fact that “Arcterex Consulting” doesn’t tell anyone what I do (contract programming specializing in web/database development), but not that no one can spell or pronounce “Arcterex”, and changing the title from “Arcterex Consulting” to “Arcterex Contract Programming”. The SEP training really gave me much greater confidence in telling people what I do, and what I can do for them. I’ll have to pull out the sheet I wrote down my “twenty second elevator speech” on and see what it was again.

Hmm… and I promised to give everyone a bit of a look at the secrets that I was taught didn’t I? Tomorrow my faithful few, tomorrow….