The Tale of the Box

Well, it was a heck of a way to spend Christmas eve. It went something like this:

  • 7:00 – alarm rings
  • 7:09 – alarm rings
  • 7:10 – get up
  • 7:35 – head out the door to the gym
  • 7:35:05 – come back home remembering that the gym isn’t open until 8am today
  • 7:55 – head out door to the gym
  • 8:05 – arrive at gym, discover they were open at 6 as usual
  • 9:00 – out of gym, drink high protein drink, head to mall
  • 9:30 – finished Christmas shopping, go home
  • 10:30 – head to folks place to pick up OttawaCousin to escape her from the old folks to hang with Firefly at the barn
  • 11:30 – drop OC at home, head to server farm to deal with box
  • 5:00 – after a hellish day of fixing my server (detailed later, I’m almost heading to bed) head to Yohimbe’s for Christmas eve party
  • 10:30 – head home
  • 12:30 – finish wrapping
  • 12:38 – (now) head to bed

Merry Christmas Everyone!

2 Comments on “The Tale of the Box”

  1. So I saw this morning when I got up 🙁 Bah bah bah! Well, I was planning to go in tomorrow (boxing day) anyway, though I am wondering WTF is going on that would cause this after I thought I fixed it all yesterday.

  2. Thanks for the hard work Arc. Sad to say the same thing seems to have happened again. I sent you an ICQ with a top screen when it died.