It’s Just a Game

Though a set of very uninteresting circumstances I ended up going all over the place today, and getting a haircut. Not nearly as drastic as the last one, but it was strange. My only requirements were “professional” and “easy to maintain”, and the girl did a good job. We ended up coming back from Coquitlum to Maple Ridge, and found a random chain haircut place and dropped in. It works well I think, and even looks less than terrible right out of the shower, which is all I ask for. I’ll post pix when I get ’em done.

I also watched the very exciting first and second period of the junior men’s world hockey championships between Canada and Russia. When I left the TV Canada was up 2-1 at the start of the third, but sadly (for us anyway), Russia came back to win 3-2 in the final.

I’m starting my contract very soon, heading in there tomorrow to meet up with the lead programmer who wasn’t there during my interview and probably get things started (ie: set up email, figure out where I’ll be sitting, etc), but who knows. I have to admit I’m quite excited, it’s been a long time since I have worked in an office (eight months now) and the prospect of the change is neat. It’s been five years since I’ve worked somewhere where they care how you dress, and even that part will be new and exciting, though I suspect it will wear off relatively quickly 🙂

New pictures are coming up as promised, they are being scanned (slowly) while I write this, and should be up tonight or tomorrow, I’ll let you know when. They are being done on a borrowed and slow scanner. I was looking at a new one in Staples for $179 (from $199) that included a slide and negative scanning set up (a holder of some sort I presume, cool) and that did 1200×2400. The resolution I’m seeing isn’t all that important, as a normal photo scanned at 600dpi turns into a 15meg .png! Speed I’m seeing is important though 🙂 Actually, the speed of the actual scanning isn’t bad, it’s the warm up and cool down time to start the scanning or preview.

Anyone have any experience/recommendations for a simple USB scanner only (no need for a combo printer/faxer/whatever)?