More Technical Woes

Well, my linux system is re-creating itself slowly as we speak. The beauty and the curse of Gentoo Linux is that it allows you to compile everything from source, meaning of course, you have to wait for everything to compile from source. I spent some of today messing around and when I found that some things that should compile (gcc for example) weren’t I said to hell with it and got ready to re-install with the latest (1.4 rc2). Of course, I also discovered that somewhere along the way my nice 40G maxtor hard drive that contained about 36 megs of music, cataloged, organized, and properly tagged, had decided not to let me access it anymore. It sounds like a hardware problem though, because the errors have to do with { DriveNotReady … }, which generally means you’re screwed 🙁 I haven’t done anything with the drive yet, other than put it aside on my desk, just in case it can be recovered.

The files can be found again of course, but it hurts to see the hard work go down in flames. Actually, it would be nicer if there were actual flames, then I’d know that the data is lost for real.

So right now things are going along and compiling away, and should be done by tomorrow morning. When I get some cash in hand I’m going to buy a couple more 80G drives and throw them in a raid5 array and stick everything in there, so if I loose a drive, or something goes wonky on it, no big deal, just buy a new drive and data is all fine. Yes, I am becoming a huge fan of RAID as the month of hardware hell continues.

Looks like some of the work I was doing on the ASP project (part 2) was for naught, the model of doing things doesn’t seem to be working, so right now (as I type!) I’m on the phone with the boss man about how to best do it.

I think I have a handle on what is needed, and how to do it, it’s just a matter of will it all make sense when I wake up.

Holy crap is it storming out there. There’s been lighting going for the last 20 minutes or so, and then it changed to a vicious wind and rain (sounded like it anyway, couldn’t see much out the window). When I popped my head out after getting off the phone it was raining pretty good, but the wind and lightning had died down. If I had had a tripod (when there’s money!) I’d played with trying to capture the lightning on film. Next time.

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