The Drunken Sailor

I think I have finally made a breakthrough tonight! Not cured, but possibly “better”. Normally when I get an email that I want to respond to right away, and that needs attention and deep though (but non work stuff) I tend to do the knee-jerk of sending a reply right away, usually prefixed with something like “just a quick note” or “I probably should think this over more but..”. I would then blather on, saying things that shouldn’t be said more often than not, and regret it as soon as I hit “send”. Then I’d follow up with more emails because I had to re-state, or re-write, or tell them to ignore what I said in my first mail.

No More!

I have killed off this curse and tonight did not reply to an email that I wanted to (well, aside from writing here of course), but instead will wait until it’s not 1am and I am more concious to reply “properly”. The email that I got had the note that it was in fact just a quick one and a more detailed one would be following. Heck, I may even not reply at all, and wait for the promised more detailed email.

But I digress πŸ™‚

In case you folks don’t read ufies (still up!) Shawn from UCFV sent me this very funny text entitled “Back in my day”.

Had a busy day today, after work headed out and did some work for Cat5 on samba, the Linux SMB (windows sharing) protocol server. Simple stuff, add a user, remove a user, etc. Also tried to get an APC USB UPS to go, but no luck. I tried to load the USB subsystem module and I got “failed to load” errors. The motherboard isn’t that old, and the USB system on it should be supported, but it’s almost like it’s not there at all. I should have thought to get a USB mouse or something to make sure that the plugin was actually active (ie: you could see the lights go on the keyboard or mouse indicating that power was running through it).

I managed to bring the UPS back here and will take some time to get it going and figure out what is wrong on my system, which I can easily take apart or reboot without worrying about users. It’s also a controlled system, I know what is on it, have the manuals, and so on.

After that it was shopping for the first time in a month. Even had a reasonable bill at the end of it all, for the amount we got. Then home, tea for A, a beer for me (found some that had been left in the fridge by various people, and who can say no to a tall can of Kokanee (33% more!)?

Around the time that I was finishing that all up the manager of the ASP project came online after being hit with the norwalk virus, so we got to catch up and figure out what is happening next with the project.

Oh, and the design company I work with had a deal go through so my evenings are going to be more busy creating some stuff for them.

Hmm… after 1am, and a 7am alarm clock.

Can’t forget to wish the best of luck to my friend Tig in his current jobless-for-no-reason situation.

3 Comments on “The Drunken Sailor”

  1. Well, I have a comment about delaying your responses. My typical problem is I say to myself “I don’t have time to respond now, so I’ll do it tonight”. Well, I get home and then that email is maybe 10 or more down the list and I don’t seem to get around to it…. then it takes days and sometimes I never get back to it.
    This really bugs me and I’m in total email hell. It probably has to do with my procrastination, but still, I need to find a way to deal with email better… Let me know when you find the perfect balance, eh?:)
    Derf in email HELL.

  2. I deal with these type of e-mails by placing them into as seperate folder marked “Must Respond”. Then as part of my routine I check this folder after reading new mail. I know it’s not elegant but it keeps these messages someplace where I can easily find them and not lost in my inbox. Anyway, your mileage may vary but it “Works for me”. πŸ˜‰