Cats and Q-Tips and the State of my Morning

What is it with cats and Q-Tips? My first one, Corneilious decided that Q-Tips are really fun to play with, and me, being a playful pet owner, moved the Q-Tip around to make it all the more interesting. Too interesting in fact, and I have a nice hole in my finger as reward for my help with the “catch and kill the Q-Tip” game.

I woke up quite easily this morning for going to bed at 2am, or at least I think I did. It felt easy, but I ended up actually getting out of bed over 20 minutes after my alarm went off, and had to rush a bit to get breakfeast eat, lunch made, and shaved and showered and what not.

Joined the Survivor pool at work ($10 a person, $150 first prize), I randomly got Jenna, a swimsuit with a profile that read like a combination of a playboy centerfold profile and a miss america pagent speach. All that was missing was a “… and world peace” in there somewhere.

I have so lost.

Course, now I have to watch the stupid show to see how my girl Jenna is doing, which I’m sure will make ScoobyD happy.

Hmmm… need more cold coffee now….