End of the Week Catch Up

Why is it that when you type “yawn” you sometimes yawn. That’s twice now, including typing the first sentance. Wow. Time to head to bed, early as it is, but I wanted to through some thoughts links up here first.

Looks like foz is back online with avengance. He has a good link to some good tweaks for your weblog and how to make it easier to archive and get googled (that’s a good thing, not what you are thinking you perverts).

Found a new cartoon today that has potential to be added to my morning run of online comics. http://joeaverage.org looks like it has the potential for humor (I’ve only gone a bit into the archives). Of course, seeing a half naked woman in the first cartoon I see helped as well.

Work this week, my first week at a full five days a week has been good. Tiring due to trying to get my other work done in the evenings, and combined with heading to the gym and sitting down to relax and watch some TV or read though. I once again need more hours in the day. The work is good though, and interesting, as any new project will be. Today we implemented yet another new feature in the insurance system dealing with things I had no idea about six weeks ago.

The one thing that is a bit different is not having the relationship with the people there. Being the new guy is a new experience for me, and I honest don’t remember how it was when I started out at NetMaster. When you’re not the new person it’s a lot easier to go up and introduce yourself to people and generally interact with them (for me anyway). If you’re from the start then you have a bit more…. “authority” over them so I found it easier to just go up and talk to people. I’m getting to know the people in the area that I’m in though and figuring how what they do and how it relates to everything. My immediate manager/boss type person is pretty cool, I’ve been to the gym to work out with him a couple of times. I guess it’s also a bit strange that he’s not the high-up-boss, but that’s just one more thing to get used to. He’s the only person of authority around there that I see or interact with (outside the lead programmer for the project) though.

Another interesting traditional change. Instead of playing quake after work on fridays, these people booze it up! Not in a big way, but they chip in and get some rum, coke, vodka, etc and at around 4:30 on friday they have drinks. I asked if it was tradition and was told “it should be.” With the consumption of alcohol work slow…. right…. down….. as well, and it seems a decent way to end the week. Of course this week I drove to the gym and did 45 minutes on the treadmill.

I discovered tuesday that it really hurts to jump into someone else’s routine. When I went out with the boss I did his routine and discovered he’s working muscles that have laid dormant in me for ages. Lunges especially, but I also did a wierd one for your shoulders where you bring a light (25-35lb) barbell to your chest, push it up above your head, bring it slowly down until your arms (pointed upward) are at around a 45 degree angle. Then you rotate your shoulders and bring the bar past your head (arms still at 45 degrees) and down to your chest. Then rotate back up and press to the sky. Super-set this with tricep work by pressing from behind your neck up to the sky for a killer that will leave your shoulders hurting for a couple of days afterwards.

Needless to say my last couple of trips to the gym on my own have been more “stretching out” type workouts. Been gaining a couple of pounds back and I’d much rather be loosing them. Time to tighten up on my running and my eating.

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