Go Canucks GO!

Now I’m not saying that I have any direct influence on the Vancouver Canucks, but I do find it an interesting coincidence that when I got to the gym after work, after not listening to the game on the radio, they were down 3-0 at the end of the second period…. and after watching the game on my run they fought back to tie the game with just over 20 seconds to go in the third period (much yelling and screaming by me here)…. and then with me still watching and cheering they won it in overtime.

Coincidence? I think not!

One Comment on “Go Canucks GO!”

  1. I beleive that it has nothing to do with you nor I ( at one point I thought it was me too), but in fact it is Dogbert. He has been hired as a consultant(go figure) for the Canucks conditioning and fitness training upon Peter Twists exit. Apparently Coach Crawford has been seen talking to an inconspicuous garbage man in the back of GM place that suggested putting Linden with the Sedin Twins. 🙂