Congrats to the Flames

Just a quick shout out to the Calgary Flames who won in overtime last night against Detroit. I saw the first and second period, but didn’t see the final. What I did see though, was very intense and very exciting, and both teams looked like they really wanted to win. I hate that Calgary beat […]

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Canucks Win!

Yes!!! 2-1 against the not-so-Mighty Ducks, my team did great. 1-1 almost the entire second and third period, with our game winning goal coming 20 seconds before the final buzzer. They played awesome as well, the entire game looked like a power play for us, with only the occassional let up where they sort of

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Canucks Game Oh My

Wow, anyone else watch the game tonight? After a furniture moving party Firefly, Lawrence and Cat5 (eventually) watched the game. And I do mean “game” in the loosest possible sense. 9-2 for the Avalanche, a lot of really horrible calls against us (we got 14 penalties, they got 2) resulting in what, three five-on-three for

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Game 7

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <gasp for breath> HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two goals in about 30 seconds. Oh my god. The entire city of Vancouver just went crazy I think. Hope it continues. Update: 3 minutes later answered. We’re still very much alive though. Update: Wild just tied it up with 12 minutes left in the third. Come on guys, we

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Canucks Win

WOW That’s about the only way to describe the Canucks game tonight. Started watching a bit during (another showing of Super Troopers) and saw it at 0-1 (bah) then 1-1 (yay) then 2-1 (bah), then 3-1 (triple bah)… The movie was done and we were watching the final minutes of the game, Vancouver behind by

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Go Canucks!

While watching the concert last night my only contact with the Canucks’ game 7 over the Blues was Silverstr occasionally jumping on the Internet through his phone and checking the score, then passing it down the row of the four of us. 4-1 final. Awsome. Great political cartoon in The Province of a guy in

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Canucks in 7! Canucks in 7!

Go Canucks! They slaughtered (well, mostly… well… they won!) the Blues 4-3 today to tie the series up at three each. Heading to easter dinner they were up 2-1, then 3-1, then 4-1… choked a bit in the third, but a win is a win! Looks like bear‘s predictions of the Canucks taking it in

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Falling off the Bandwagon

Hey Muckhead, is it all right to jump off the bandwagon now? I love the Canucks, but man, last night was a disaster. I missed the first period, where apparently they kicked some serious ass, but the second and third were just horrible to listen to. They had a horrible percentage of well shots on

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Canucks Lose 2-0

I have to disagree with muckhead about the canucks being second best. True, they did lose, but it was a fantastic game (my sunday was spent mostly in front of the tube with beer and chips by my side). Both teams played a great game and it was only due to a shitty pass in

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