Canucks Lose 2-0

I have to disagree with muckhead about the canucks being second best. True, they did lose, but it was a fantastic game (my sunday was spent mostly in front of the tube with beer and chips by my side). Both teams played a great game and it was only due to a shitty pass in their own zone that we gave up the first point (the second going in on an empty net). True that in the end it’s still 2-0, but that was only in the last couple of minutes of the game. Lets hope that they play a bit better in the opening rounds….

One Comment on “Canucks Lose 2-0”

  1. Obviously the beer went to your head prior to the game starting! =) The Canucks played horrid yesterday! They were incredibly flat footed and looked like they were just trying to hold on until the end to get the tie! True they did have some unbelievable chances to get a goal and they just couldn’t put it in the net, but overall I was quite disappointed with their play! But hey, it’s not like they didn’t make it to the playoffs! And I think that losing yesterday was a good wake up call for them…they’re going to have a tough post season now and they’re going to have to play a lot harder than they did on Sunday!