Dear News Agencies

Dear News agencies of the world, CNN, ABC, Fox News, CBS, NBC, and others (I am using the term “news” very loosly here).

Thanks to you I have ceased to give a shit about anything that is happening beyond my front door. I don’t care about what is happening in the middle east, Washington, England, or Iraq. I have heard nothing but “news flashes” for the last 5 hours (again, using “news” very loosly) about whether Saddam is dead or not.

I don’t care. I really really really don’t care anymore.

First it was “was he killed in the initial strikes” (the term decapitation is now a common term thanks to you people…. gosh, great, that and “the information superhighway” will no doubt go down as the great accomplishments in invented language of the 20th and 21st century). After that it was “is it really him on tv, is that only an imposter”. This was shortly found to be true false, maybe.

Now it’s “we dumped a couple of thousand pounds of high explosives onto a house in a residential neighborhood because we were told he was there (we’ll ignore the 9 deaths and 13 injured to bring you constant news coverage of circling aircraft and a parade of retired generals and tactitions saying the same dull things over and over until I want to just fucking hit them). Did he survive?

CNN, et all, and especially Aaron Brown (whose face I have simply gotten tired of seeing night after night after night after day after day…. give the man a week off!), I Don’t Care Anymore.

Thankyou, and goodnight.

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