Soccer Week 2… or… I’m Broken

Well, I survived week two of playing soccer with the new boss. I even managed to accumulate some plays, though not the best ones. Here they are in order of worst to best.

  • A goal…. on my own net. I was in there trying to block and it came in and deflected off of me. Wow, that sucks.
  • A shot on goal. The right one this time, but the kick went a couple of feet too high.
  • An assist. A lovely assist actually, I managed to catch a bad pass, run with it a bit and then pass it up field to some random dude (on my team for a change) to put it in.

No one got hurt this time either, though there was a guy who left with someone elses metal cleats embedded in their shin (I wasn’t part of either the cleater or the cleatee side of things).

Other than those there was lots of running and panting. I did learn two things though. Don’t eat a big dinner (or even a medium sized one) just before playing. Dont’ eat a protein bar right after playing if you still have to bike home. Both these things will result in cramps and pain.

It was a lot of fun again though. It was nice and sunny and I got lots of good exercise for a couple of hours. Of course I was silly and went to the gym after work but before dinner and blew out my arms (left my legs alone). Then I rode home (actually made it up the evil hill to home without walking the bike as well).

I really have no one to blame for this though, except for society, Cosmo, and my parents for not raising a smarter kid that knows not to do these things.

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